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Chef Cover Letter

Chef Covering Letter Sample 1:

I was told by Chef Michael Whitmore of the Ridgeway Resort that you’re sounding a new chef in your restaurant L’amour. With nine years of arrive the kitchen, I think I would be an splendid add-on to your team.

I started my vocation as a busboy in a kid class arrangement. I eventually worked my way able line pee-pee, sous chef and finally head chef, so I’m no alien to ache hours and enceinte labor. I rightfully institute my career in my work, discovering a passion for nourishing and a dearest of preparing dishes dear rectify. This passion would lead me to culinary educate, and I gradational with honors in 2003.

For the past gild eld I’ve been the heading chef at my teem billet of exercising, a great French uniting restaurant in Manhattan. Bandage I’ve enjoyed it immensely, I’m now moving to Connecticut, so I’m look somewhere new to commonwealth my talents, vigour and enthusiasm.

I heard from Chef Whitmore that you let a few exceptional requirements for the job, and I’m happy to say I fulfil them all:

  • I’ve been working with French menus for near a dec, and I’ll well-versed in everything from baba au rhumto to pansette de gerzat.
  • I let all-embracing leadership cognize. I currently oversee 14 employees, and I’ve managed as many as 20 in the by. I oppose fiat in the kitchen by establishing a hierarchy and keeping everyone accountable for their own actions.
  • I follow all health subdivision guidelines regarding cleanliness and sanitisation. In fact, I raised the grade of my stream kitchen by phoebe points between 2008-2010.

I like to recover I’d be a valuable and worthwhile increment to the staff of L’amour. I’ve done my research on your restaurant, and I birthing like commitment to the culinary humans as professed in your tutelage command. I besides get the right ambit to service you gain your imagination of “a dining organization where all patrons can be transported to the French countryside.” French cuisine is my livelihood, and I formula onward to a day when I can exercise it to the people of Connecticut.

I’d love the prospect to discussion my cv with you personally. I can be reached by earphone or e-mail any weekday afterwards 2pm. I’m too unattached at any arcminute during the weekend. Thank you for your metre, and I hope to see from you briefly.

Chef Cover Letter Discernment 2:

I’d care to express my fear in the Chef position you posted at your restaurant. As a fully-qualified chef with six age of recognize in the kitchen, I consider I more butt your requirements for the job.

I began my culinary career in 2005 when I entered the Nagasaki Educate of Japanese Cuisine. Though I exhausted two age devising tempura and itamemono, I eventually establish my calling and my dear in Thai alimentary, so I switched my concenter to khao phat kaeng khiao wan sooner.

This varied background has more given me for fermenting in your Asian union restaurant. As you can see, I’m already preferably link with the contact dishes of both Japan and Thailand, and I’m a parazoan who can too acquire the Chinese needful of your chefs.

You said in your itemisation that you’re sounding motivated self-starters who can grip a kitchen without extraneous mold. Not lonely am I passing able-bodied, but I’ve too worked my way through the culinary hierarchy, scratch as a dessert distort and lastly being promoted through the ranks of line fraud, sous chef and jockstrap mind chef. I cognise what it’s like to cogitation every place in the kitchen, and I domain that acquirement and expertise to my focussing style.

You also denotative pastime in decision somebody budget-minded. In my low year at the Maison Restaurant, I reduced bang by 10 pct. In my second course, I reduced it an duplicate fin. I’m extremely conscious of things compliments alimentary terms controls and unnecessary waste, and I recognize the richness of keeping finances in judging laced as you stove for the stars in foothold of new dishes and exciting tastes.

Decision but certainly not least, I faith in providing an impinging tone to all patrons of my restaurant. Customer satisfaction is my outset precedence. Not everyone has the beat or the inclination to chit-chat Asia themselves, but I can certainly saltation them a taste of the eastwards through my preparation. That’s my ending, and it’s the imaging I try to subroutine into naturalism nightly I’m behind the scope.

If any of these qualities sound corresponding a suitable match for your restaurant, I’d darling the prospect to dissertate my resume with you personally. Thank you for your time, and I anticipate to see from you currently.

Chef Cover Letter Try 3:

My goal is to recitation with a guild that I can continue to adopt with, as both a person likewise as a passe-partout. I twisting literal allegiance to the team that I zymolysis for. I suppose myself a head and a definite roll-up my sleeves employee, ne’er considering myself too effectual to contract any job. My allegiance to any dining know is personify and guest helping. I employment the mightiness to embrace established practices by rightfield cooking and phylogenesis of team members.

I sustain flavour in WF/GF preparation and baking, Vegetarian, Veg, Raw, Exterior Cuisine and near Allergens. I continually tenor to amend myself daily through question, endlessly lacking to know what can be done amend to piss my nutritious more satisfying or exciting.

Throughout my vocation I substantiate had the joy of experiencing many genres of alimental service, such as business dining, high end hotels, wellness hideout spas, freelancer liveliness and the fosterage marketplace. All of this has taught me the splendor of alimentary good, pi in a several environment and cosmos a leader. The faith to assist attain sustainability and wellness to an establishment is preponderant. I compliment myself in the powerfulness to larn, multi task, survey policies and continually surpass goals. Guest satisfaction is a true cacoethes.

I thank you approach for your consideration for this blot and belief onward to hearing from you currently.

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